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Wrench & Roast – August 4-5, 2018
This year’s W&R will be at A.J. and Stephanie Portmann’s garage in Dillsburg, PA.

Please consider making the time to come out and assist a fellow Bronco owner(s)
This year’s W&R will be at A.J. and Stephanie Portmann’s garage in Dillsburg, PA. This year we selected several members Chris Jones, Rich Phillips, Anita Weaver and AJ Portmann. Please consider taking the time to assist some of your fellow Bronco members.  

This year’s Wrench & Roast will be held on Saturday, August 4th at AJ's shop located in Dillsburg, Pa. The shop will be available for use from Thursday evening through Sunday around noon. Folks have the liberty of assisting fellow members throughout the weekend with Saturday being the main day of the Wrench & Roast. 

Camping will be available on the property (tent or RV) for those participating in the Wrench & Roast event. Anyone looking to camp at the property please let me know which day you plan to arrive, how long you plan to stay and any specific needs (water or electric hook-ups). 

Proposed Build
  • Chris Jones - Axle work, Install Track Bar, Adjust Steering and Install shocks
  •  Rich Phillips - Several items on the list from Dakota Gauge cluster installation, replace supertop, Reinstall, the Tuffy center console with new CD/Stereo installation and roll cage mounted speakers, Koenig PTO box needs to be rebuilt with seals and bearings. 
  • Anita Weaver - Anita's project is a rework of a 97 Explorer engine and transmission wiring harness. Most of the work involved is removing wires that are not needed and moving a few to locations that work better for the bronco.  
  • AJ - Assemble and wire fuel injection on engine, Mount Hydro boost bracket, Install Steering column and Install serpentine setup

Where to Stay 

Good food will be provided throughout the weekend. Friday breakfast, lunch, dinner & snack Saturday breakfast, lunch, dinner & snackSunday breakfast 

Things to Do: 
  • Gettysburg Hershey Park City Island Senator's baseball Shopping (Outlets at Gettysburg and Hershey)
  • Williams Grove Speedway
  • Haar’s Auction and Drive Inn

RSVP By July 29th If you plan to attend this event or have any further questions, please send an email to and

If you see an area of the build you can or want to help with, please provide your area of interest and skill level. 

Steph and I are looking forward to seeing the MEB family come together to assist two fellow members and seeing these Bronco projects come to life.  AJ and Steph Portmann 

MEB 2018 Wrench & Roast Itinerary

Thursday – August 2nd

  • Help begins to arrive

  • Finish prepping the shop so work can begin on Friday/Saturday

  • Dinner @ 6pm

  • Snack @ 9pm

Friday –August 3rd

  • Help continues to arrive

  • Finish any last minute shop prepping so work can begin

  • Breakfast @ 8am

  • Lunch @ 12pm

  • Dinner @ 6pm

  • Snack @ 9pm

Saturday –August 4th

  • Breakfast @ 7am

  • Work begins @ 8am

  • Lunch @ 12pm

  • Dinner @ 6:30pm (passing of the horse shoe- Judy Payne/Anita Weaver to ?)

  • Snack @ 9pm

  • Work ends @ 11pm (due to noise level) work may continue if not too loud to disturb the neighbors

Sunday –August 5th

  • Breakfast – TBD, if going out, leaving @ 8am

  • 10am –wrap up work activities and clean up shop